COVAL Fam Success Story: Shannon

Shannon has been a client at COVAL since July of 2012.  During that time, she has put in a LOT of work.  Not only in the gym but outside of it too.

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She and her husband, Drew (also a part of the COVAL Fam), added two more children during this time and opened up 2 new business ventures.  To say that they have been "busy" would be an understatement.

Despite that, Shannon still makes time for her workouts, doing the best that she can to prep healthy meals, and get adequate amounts of rest.  It's truly amazing to watch her do what she does.  I have no idea how she manages it with as much responsibility as she has.

Shannon has some advice for all of you busy parents out there that she hopes you find valuable:

"It can be super easy to try and focus on a million things at once when you're trying to lose weight and live a healthier life.  However, what I found super effective was focusing on one small thing at a time.  Despite having a big weight loss goal, this strategy has helped me "chunk" away at my weight loss rather than try and do it all at once.
For example, I went to a gathering with subs, cake, and salad.  I LOVE subs and cake.  Rather than have all 3, I opted for the salad, skipped the sub, and had a small piece of cake after the salad.  I love sweets, but don't eat them regularly and when I do, I don't feel guilty about it.

For parents, I know this sounds super cliche, but take care of yourself first.  Often times I would think that I'm doing right by my kids by putting them first, but in reality, once I started getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and working out then that, for me at least, provided more energy so that I can play with my kids, control my mood, have more patience, etc.  All of these things have helped me be a better parent.
Overall, I've lost 28 lbs and 9% body fat.  I sleep better, feel better, and have a much better understanding of what foods negatively impact how I feel.  After years of struggling to find a good solution, I'm so happy that I dialed in and started prioritizing myself more, which has paid off tremendously not only for me but for my family as well."  





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