COVAL Fam Success Story: Pride D

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Pride came to us early in the summer with aches and pains, low energy levels that were making it difficult to do much outside of going to work, and really wanted to shed some unwanted pounds.

It's been 3 months, and our guy Pride has been absolutely killing it.  

  • Consistency with getting his 3 sessions in on a weekly basis?  Check

  • Small, sustainable changes in his nutrition?  Check

  • Strong social support both in & out-of-the-gym?  You betcha (his wife & daughter have been incredibly supportive).

We're beyond proud of Pride and look forward to seeing what he continues to do for the remainder of 2018 (and beyond!)!

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Now, here's Pride with his own story of how it all started and has gone for him over the last few months:

“I've known I needed to improve my health and fitness for a while, but I really knew I needed to take action when my teenage daughter told me that she wanted me to still be around a few years from now to walk her down the aisle and that she didn't know if I would be, considering the path I was on.

I needed to get started, and for me, it was necessary to take it one day at a time.  Since it was so hard to get up in the morning to go to the sessions, to keep myself motivated, I decided to sign up for personal training and found COVAL.

When I started, the workouts were really hard, but the staff was encouraging enough to keep me from giving up. It was also very helpful to me to have my appointments set ahead of time instead of having to choose to go on the spot when I have time. Because let's be honest; no one chooses to workout oversleeping for an extra hour.

It's definitely been inspiring to see the weight coming off, but it also motivates me to see the progress I'm making in my workouts. This extra motivation has been especially important because I work long hours. As a truck driver, it can be difficult to eat well while I'm on the road, so I've had to make a point of bringing healthy foods to eat during work hours. To me, the most important step is just making the decision to start, and then taking it one step at a time without giving up”.



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