COVAL Fam Success Story: Karen

Over the past several months, and particularly into the summer, Karen has shown up and kicked some serious butt in every single one of her workouts (even when she admittedly didn't want to come in!).

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When tallying the results of our 30 Day Challenge a few months back, Mike was blown away by her results - a clear indication of how determined she was to make some serious lifestyle changes! 

Even before the 30 Day Challenge, everyone noticed how steadfastly Karen embraced the COVAL methods, putting her trust in Mike and the team. Her job and raising her daughter are full-time responsibilities in themselves, but Karen has recognized that becoming the best version of oneself needs to be a priority as well! She has consistently made her scheduled sessions and made up her sessions if she misses. It's her commitment to consistency over the long haul that has led Karen to create new, healthy habits and make such positive changes in her life. 

It has been an absolute privilege seeing her hard work pay off over the past few months, and she truly deserves this recognition! 

Go Karen!  


Here's what Karen had to say about her journey at COVAL:

"I was introduced to COVAL by my daughter's basketball coach.  After seeing some results from the other players, I signed my daughter up for training.  I would always sit in the car and wait for her sessions to end.  I was impressed with her progress in the gym and on the court.  At no point did I ever think I would become a member." 

"I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager.  I love to cook and I love to eat even more.  I definitely did not have any real workout schedule or regimen.  Occasionally, I would run on my treadmill or attend a morning workout class at the local gym but it was never consistent.  During a doctor's appointment in early 2018, my doctor told me that I needed to be more serious about working out and I needed to incorporate weights into my lackluster efforts at physical activity. I knew that if I did it on my own again, I would fail as I had so many other times."

"I immediately contacted Mike and asked if he would work with me.  I went in for my initial consultation and it seemed that I was doing everything wrong:  I ate the wrong things and at the wrong time, I didn't work out much or consistently, I didn't sleep well, etc.  But Mike encouraged me and told me that we would work on one goal at a time.  He told me that it would be a process but I would see results if I stuck with it.  Although I was hesitant and quite doubtful, I signed on as a client and scheduled my sessions."

"During the first few weeks, I focused on being consistent.  I tried not to miss any sessions and if I had to, I made them up.  I started to schedule things around my workouts instead of working out when I had time.  Within a few months, I started to notice a difference in how my clothes were fitting and I really started to challenge myself in the gym.  Mike was right and I was impressed.  A few months later, Mike announced the 30-day challenge and I was intrigued and intimidated.  But I decided to do it and make the best of it.  Anmar was great as my accountability coach for the challenge and I successfully completed the challenge.  After losing weight during the challenge, it was then that I understood what Mike had explained about changing my eating habits.  I realized that I needed continued consistency with my workouts but I also needed to incorporate better eating habits.  Since the challenge, I have done both and continue to see a transformation." 

"Recently, I went on a cruise with my daughter and she wanted to do a bike-riding excursion on the shore of Bonaire.  Initially, I was hesitant because I didn't think I would be able to physically keep up.  I didn't know how long the ride was when we started but in the end, I learned that it was 12 miles (in nearly 100-degree weather).  For me to finish that was amazing because I could not have done that before I started at COVAL.  My next goal is to hike the Grand Canyon!!!"

"Although I take some credit for my success, it was definitely Mike, Thomas, Jess, Anmar, Michaela, and Aram that have contributed significantly.  They constantly encourage, compliment, support, and challenge me.  On my bad days when I want to skip my workout, I go anyway because I know one of them will cheer me up (and make me work harder so I forget what caused the bad day).  I can't forget to give tons of credit to Jill who keeps me on track with scheduling (which is a task) and brings some great conversation and comic relief to some of my workouts.  A special thank you to my accountability coach, Thomas, for writing tough programs and never letting me get comfortable with my workouts.  Also, thanks to Thomas for creating programs for me when I have to travel; they are difficult but I love that I don't have to stop my COVAL training when I am away.  Overall, the entire team is definitely a great group to work with and they are the reason I love going to COVAL."

"To anyone at the beginning of this journey, trust Mike and the team."

"It is quite overwhelming in the beginning but in the end, you will be a healthier and more fit person. I sincerely want to thank the entire team for being awesome to both my daughter and me and for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself.  With the lifestyle change of consistent physical activity, better eating habits, and of course with the help from the awesome trainers at COVAL, I believe that I am well on my way to losing more weight and becoming more healthy overall.  I have just begun the journey but I am optimistic about the road ahead."   


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