COVAL Fam Success Story: John

My weight has been something that I’ve struggled with all my life.

COVAL Fitness is a personal trainer in Ann Arbor who helped John get into better shape, lose weight, and improve his strength

I was big in high school but was able to use that for the sport I loved: football. After I graduated high school, I didn’t have that association of my weight being a good thing anymore now that I couldn’t use it. My self-confidence started to take a hit, my social life suffered because of it and I overall just felt uncomfortable with myself.

The most impressive thing about COVAL is their assessment process.

The level of depth that they went into to find out what my physical abilities and limitations were, my nutrition habits and nuances, and how we could change my lifestyle really blew me away. It definitely was not like anything that I had experienced before and really helped me understand the process of how we were going to reach my goals.

As a result of my time at COVAL, I’m the lightest that I have been in over 20 years – 249 pounds. I am stronger than I ever was during my football playing days! I highly recommend giving their 21-Day Kickstart Program a shot so you can see how great of a fit they are for you and your needs and goals




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