COVAL Fam Success Story: Harry

The amount of passion, tenacity, sacrifice, and commitment to the process that Harry has shown to living his dream through the game of basketball is not only one of the most impressive things that I've seen from an athlete, but overall from a person in general no matter what it is that they're passionate about.

Harry trained with personal trainers in Ann Arbor, MI at COVAL Fitness

Harry's dream was to play in the NBA G League (development league for the NBA).  Now, Harry had a lot to overcome.  He's only 6 foot tall, possesses average athleticism (relatively speaking to his peers at that level), played Division 3 NCAA basketball (an extremely small percentage of players make it to the G League (more on this later), which means his "street cred" is substantially less than a player coming out of UofM, Duke, or any other division 1 NCAA school.

Harry had 3 G League tryouts in the fall but was unsuccessful with each attempt.  His response:

"I received great feedback.  I'll just put it to use, get better, and make it next year."

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Harry signing his contract with the Sioux Falls Skyforce back in February of '19

Then in February, he got his opportunity.  The Sioux Falls Skyforce of the NBA G League wanted Harry to come & tryout.  It was a tough 3 days, but Harry got through it and then anxiously waited to see if he would get his opportunity.

Sure enough, after a week and a half, Harry received his contract offer for the remainder of the season!

Personal Trainer Gym in Ann Arbor, MI COVAL Fitness

I wish everyone could see the amount of effort Harry has put into his development.  Seriously, there were so many times where Harry would be at the gym at 2:00 a.m. working on his game.  If he wasn't working on his game, then he was either sleeping, prepping food, or at COVAL training.  This guy literally sacrificed it all to pursue his dream & it paid off.

Harry won't be back for about a month-and-a-half as he finishes out the season with the Skyforce, but when he returns to make sure that you say "congrats!"  

Not only does he display a high level of character on the court, but he's one of the nicest guys that you will find off of it as well. 




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