COVAL Fam Success Story: Channing

Channing has been killin' the game at COVAL Fitness for 2 years now and her progress has been such a pleasure to witness.

Female Personal Trainer in Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness

She originally got a jump start with our Team Transformation Challenges that we do, and has successfully completed 6 of them now; picking up small, maintainable habits along the way.

Not only that, but she's an excellent role model for females who are afraid of getting "bulky" from lifting heavy (hint: it wont' happen :-) )  Channing is a strong-ass woman with best lifts of:

  • Bench Press 125 lbs x 1 rep

  • Trap Bar Deadlift 225 lbs x 12 reps

  • Shoulders Elevated BB Glute Bridge 335 lbs x 3 reps


And she looks amazing!!!  Channing has dropped 30 pounds and nearly 10% body fat since she started!


Here is what Channing has to say about her journey:

"I think my biggest key to success has been being more mindful about what I'm eating and how different foods make my body and mind feel.  Listening to my body has helped me to stay consistent in the gym, and to keep my weight in a healthy range that I am happy with.

My advice to someone who is struggling is to find an accountability partner to talk through the struggle with so you can troubleshoot. Sometimes having another person to give you feedback is helpful because they can see our blind spots. I also find that I am a lot harder on myself than I should be, which means that I often miss the things that I have done well or even recognizing my strengths despite my challenges. Having another person helping me to see my strengths helps me to push through when I am struggling."



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