COVAL Fam Success Story: Caitlin

The coaches that have been at COVAL for Caitlin entire journey can't believe the transformation that has taken place, both mentally and physically. Her commitment to the process both in and out of the gym is obvious (just check out the lbs lost board!!!) 

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Aram noted how much Caitlin has changed since he was last at COVAL as an intern, and Jess commented on how she's only ever known Caitlin as someone that comes in and works her butt off every workout.

From Coach M: It has been a privilege watching Caitlin's story this past year. She has faced adversity and tackled many obstacles, but what has helped her to be so successful and set her apart from others is her consistency in getting better in all areas of her life. She never ignores a problem, but always finds a way to overcome those barriers! 

Here is what Caitlin had to say about her journey at COVAL

My journey isn't just about physical fitness - it's about emotional and mental health as well. About a year ago, I hit an emotional low. Despite my fear of being open about my insecurities, I finally accepted that I needed to seek help and I started seeing a therapist. Counseling was rough at first, but my depression started to improve. My story starts with therapy because that's what made me see that making a change for the better can be scary and challenging, but it's absolutely worth it!

In April, after realizing I had surpassed 200lbs, I accepted that my physical health needed to be addressed as well so I signed up at COVAL. During the depths of my depression, I lacked the energy to do anything. My sink was full of dishes, my apartment was a mess, and I would spend hours sleeping on my couch and comforting myself with junk food. But after only a few weeks of working out at COVAL consistently, I felt a renewed vitality and purpose. I started doing more each day; I would buy groceries, clean dishes, workout, etc. Before I had any weight loss results to brag about I felt like my life was suddenly improving in every way. That energy is what drove me to work even harder!

Shortly into my new COVAL workout routine I signed up for the Transformation Challenge and committed to Whole30. Far from the miserable failure I feared it would be, Whole30 proved to be exactly what I needed. It detoxed my body from the junk I'd eaten previously, and it also reframed how I think about food entirely. With every weigh-in, my smile grew bigger as I consistently lost body fat. Between April and December, I lost about 40lbs. I even lost 10 of those pounds while I was traveling for a month! Since then, I have lost another 10lbs for a total of 50. I still haven't reached my goal, but this is the lowest weight I've seen in about 9 years.

And more importantly, this is the healthiest and happiest I've ever been!

So, what is it about this gym that has made such an impact in my life?

First, I want to recognize the trainers! I really don't know how, but Mike always has the BEST trainers. Not only are they excellent at what they do, but I'm pretty sure I've cried in front of each of them, and they've only ever shown compassion.

Second, I am a believer in the COVAL programs - whatever you need, they deliver. Are you just getting back to the gym? Looking to build strength? Trying to lose weight? Wanting to set some PRs? Wishing you could get into box jumps? Just ask and they will help you attain your goals.

Third, the COVAL community - I love the sense of fun and friendship. I love that we celebrate accomplishments, like Personal Records. I love the group workouts and transformation challenges. And of course, being greeted by the best doggo ever!

I can genuinely say that COVAL Fitness has completely transformed my life. I'm proud of myself, I feel honored to be recognized, and I'm so thankful for the trainers at COVAL, whose support has been so instrumental in this journey!



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