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Billy started with us in the summer of 2017 and he's been all over his nutrition and fitness ever since!

He's been doing extremely well in those areas despite a crazy work schedule that requires a fair amount of travel and then performing in a kick-ass band! (make sure you check out "Naked Shark" on Spotify).

Billy's weight went from 270 to 225 (about 260 in the first photo)!  

Even after a month of traveling he still stayed on top of things while enjoying the finer things in life like tacos and beer (moderation my friends), he still managed to come back weighing in at 225 lbs!

Here is what Wise Bill (inside joke, but basically use any adjective you like and Billy's name to it) has to share and hope that it helps someone out there with their own health and fitness journey:

"After I had been dieting for a month or so, the cravings for naughty foods kinda went away. I just remember how terrible I felt after crushing a whole pizza and I didn't want that feeling. Now I crush a whole chicken and it's delicious and I feel great.

Don't take any shortcuts with diet.  Stay as strict as possible, but also don't punish yourself. if you fall off track.  You can make healthy food taste good with some salt & garlic.  It's not that hard.

Also, work out as much as possible because you won't always be able to work out every day when on the road, so take advantage when you can.  Don't just come into the gym 3x per week and call it good.."

Well done, Jacked Bill!


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