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What works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone. At COVAL we keep things personal.

Self Awareness - One of The Biggest Contributors To Your Success


Having strong self-awareness doesn't necessarily mean that one possesses a keen sense of external self-awareness. A good test on if you happen to be this person is do you have a pretty good grasp on the internal part, but find yourself pushing your agenda on others around you, trying to force your beliefs up on them, and not being open to other ideas?

Transformation Challenge & Accompanying Workshop To Kick-Off 2020


If you just want to learn how you can better take care of yourself, this is an awesome opportunity for you to learn a new strategy on how you can get better results

The New Year Is Here. The Ball is In Your Court. What Will You Do?


2019 just flew by. It's 2020. What are you gong to do to build on successes from last year? Need Private Personal Training in Ann Arbor? We're here to help.

Thank You For An Amazing 2019!!!


So much has happened over the past year and as we're a little over half way through of year 8 of COVAL, I want to thank you all for your continued loyalty, love, and support.

You Would Be Amazed By How Much You Can Eat (PT 4)


My goal was to enlighten you a bit on awareness and appreciation for making educated guesses on how much we consume, the quality of the food we consume and how it impacts hunger and total food consumption

You Would Be Amazed By How Much You Can Eat (PT 3)


Food quality can dramatically impact how much food you consume. The volume and composition of the food forced me to slow down , chew my food thoroughly, and in the process my stomach and brain had some time to communicate and signal that I was FULL after that meal.

You Would Be Amazed By How Much You Can Eat (PT 2)


We want to maintain lean muscle mass. 9 times out of 10, when someone rapidly loses weight, there will be lean muscle tissue (sometimes a significant amount) that is lost. We don't want that.

You Would Be Amazed At How Much You Can Eat (Pt 1)


For most of the population, the Dunning Krueger effect is very real when it comes to estimating the calories of their meals. In truth, even for professionals it can be difficult at times (for instance at restaurants).

How To Handle Criticism When Eating Healthy During The Holidays


Holiday after holiday, gathering after gathering I either brought my own food, opted not to eat, or ate some things, but not all things. Purely because I don't enjoy them. Slightly because they didn't match my long-term goals, but definitely because I didn't like them.

Why You Should Be Doing Your "Resets" Daily


This can help alleviate mental stress, change the position of your joints so that you're putting stress in areas of your body that are more desirable and heighten body awareness.

3 Tips on How To Use Your Phone to Enhance Your Productivity


Rather than demonize your phone though, let's figure out how we can make it work for you because there is a lot of value in having our phones within an arm's reach 24/7.

Trainer Tip By: Jess - Push Ups


"I can’t tell you the number of females I’ve talked to who have the goal of “just one push up!” like it’s this far off lofty goal that will probably never come to fruition."

"Little Brother"


I assume that the majority of us have that one moment in our lives where we were doubted. Where we were told that we were nothing. Where we were told that we won't amount to anything. For the sake of the metaphor, that we were "Little Brother".

Avoid Letting The Holidays Ruin Your Progress


Someone makes outstanding progress throughout the first 10.5 months of the year. Then, Thanksgiving rolls around and they toss up two middle fingers to the previous 10.5 months and succumb to the temptations of the holidays.

Stay On Track During The Holidays with COVAL


This is the time of the year where most people throw up a middle finger to the previous 11 months, and with the added stress of the holidays, change in weather, and consistency of low quality food options put in front of us, we could potentially throw away a lot or even all of the progress that we've made over the last 11 months.

No More Advil After Your Workouts!


Inflammation gets a super bad rap though and it's very misunderstood. What most people mean when they refer inflammation to is "chronic inflammation" and yes, that is not ideal and can be driven by high levels of mental stress, physical stress to a specific area, poor nutrition, poor sleep, etc.

Do I Really NEED Supplements?


"Even if someone eats "clean" 100% of the time, they're likely to be deficient with some macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals."

From Feeling Guilty to Giving No F's


"Even when I have my burger today, I'm going to not get truffle fries (I love truffle fries, but I won't miss them) and will replace it with a greens salad."

I Ate The Whole Pint of Ice Cream!


I ate the whole pint of ice cream. Years ago, I would have beaten myself up over it. The next day I was right back on track and making choices that best lined up with my values and what I want out of my life.

"Fall Into Fitness" Transformation Challenge Starts 9/16 @ COVAL in Ann Arbor


You can either participate on your own, with a partner or with two other partners. Grand Prize: $1000 to the winner(s)! If you're currently a COVAL member and want in, then just respond to this email and let me know. There is no limit on the number of CURRENT COVAL members that can participate.

It's All In The Hips: 3 Exercises to Improve Hip Rotation for the 50+ Year Old Golfer


We're coming at you with 3 exercises that you can start implementing to improve your hip rotation so that you're happy with your performance AND keeping your joints healthy while doing so.

3 Exercises to Help You Improve Power on Your Golf Swing at 50+ Years Old


You will perform the following circuit for 2-4 sets before each round of golf. If you're a member here at COVAL Fitness, then just pop in, do your warm-up, and get this circuit in & then go play!

50+ Year Old Golfers in Ann Arbor: Read This Before We Teach You How To Up Your Golf Game


The point of this post is to lay down the ground work for all upcoming post on how we're going to help you improve your golf game and help you feel better

3 Ways to Get Better at Any Hobby for 50+ Year Olds in Ann Arbor


Here are 3 ways to improve your fitness hobbies with the COVAL Fitness trainers near Ann Arbor, Michigan

Take Your Workout Outdoors - 5 Places in Ann Arbor!


Mix up your workouts with some outside trails, tracks, or fields! Your fitness coach in Ann Arbor at COVAL will show you the ropes!

5 Ways to Make Sure That Your Body is Ready to Hike A Mountain


5 Ways to make sure you're ready to hike a 14er - Personal Trainer at Home in Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness

3 Ways To Ensure Low Back Pain Doesn't Ruin Your Travel Plans!


Don't let back pain stop you flat. COVAL Fitness - personal fitness trainer in Ann Arbor will help you stay active and fit.

Enhance Your Fitness, Enjoy Traveling More Than Ever!


Looking to improve your fitness? COVAL Fitness is a personal training studio in Ann Arbor dedicated to helping everyone live a healthy active life!

Living Your Best Life Well Into Your 50's & Beyond in Ann Arbor


Want to be active and healthy in your 50s and beyond? Private Personal Training in Ann Arbor at COVAL Fitness can help!

What is “Functional Fitness” for an Ann Arbor Man In His 50's?


Get the most out of your functional fitness at COVAL Fitness. As a trainer gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan we work one on one with our clients!

Find Your "Tribe"


Trying to find your "tribe?" Personal fitness trainers in Ann Arbor at COVAL Fitness will give you the support you need to succeed!

Healthy Valentine's Day Ideas for You & Your Partner!


Need some healthy romantic ideas for Valentine's Day? Your COVAL Fitness personal trainer in Ann Arbor has some fun ideas!

If You're SAD & You Know It, Clap Your Hands: Part 2


Searching "fitness trainer near me in Ann Arbor" to cure the winter blues? COVAL Fitness offers personalized training designed just for you!

All That You Need to Know About Foam Rolling


Foam rollers help recover from hard exercise. COVAL Fitness private in home personal trainer near Ann Arbor can help show you how!

If You're SAD & You Know It, Clap Your Hands: Part 1


Looking for a fitness trainer near me in Ann Arbor, Michigan to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder?

"I'm Going to Open My Own Business"


Change your habits and your health - fitness coach Ann Arbor Michigan - COVAL Fitness will help you define your goals and execute!

The One Thing


What's the one thing you can do to change your fitness. The trainers gym in Ann Arbor - COVAL Fitness - will help you make that change!

Riding Roller Coasters is Fun, Living Life Like You're On One is Not


Looking for a personal trainer gym in Ann Arbor to get you off the roller coaster fitness track? COVAL Fitness.

The Reflective Eating Experience


Need help getting in shape and meeting your health goals? The personal fitness trainers in Ann Arbor at COVAL Fitness are here to help.

Where Are They Now? (Intern Series) Coach Thomas


Looking to improve your health and fitness with a personal trainer in Ann Arbor? Meet the COVAL Fitness team.

3 Nutrition Truths To Help Improve Your Child's Athletic Performance


At the gym or in home personal trainer in Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness will help you define and reach your wellness goals.

Sleep The Weight Off: Part 2


Struggle to get enough sleep? Fitness training in Ann Arbor with COVAL Fitness will help you establish healthy routines at the gym and at home!

Sleep The Weight Off: Part 1


Sleep affects your weight loss goals. For expert fitness training in Ann Arbor, turn to COVAL Fitness.

Where Are They Now?(Intern Series) Coach Denny


Struggling to find a personal trainer in Ann Arbor? Come meet the coaches at COVAL Fitness!

Where Are They Now? Coach MV (Intern Series)


Looking for a personal trainer in Ann Arbor to take your fitness to the next level? Meet the coaches at COVAL Fitness!

Where Are They Now? Coach Matt (Intern Series)


Looking for trainers near me in Ann Arbor, Michigan? COVAL Fitness will work with you one-on-one to meet your goals.

The First Thing That You Need to Create Long Lasting Change


Are you ready to make a lasting change? COVAL Fitness gym programs and personal trainer at home in Ann Arbor programs can help.

Understanding Your Macronutrients: Fat


COVAL Fitness provides private personal training in ann arbor to help you understand your personal health and wellness goals.

Large Group Training May Not Be For You: Part 2


Hate large group training? One-on-one personal fitness trainer in Ann Arbor, Michigan COVAL Fitness will help you reach your goals.

3 Quick and Simple Ways To Start Eating Better Now!


Looking for an in home personal trainer near me in Ann Arbor? COVAL Fitness will help establish healthy habits, goals, and help you get results.

Take Back Control Of Your Life - Escaping the Reactionary State of Living: Part 2


Finding qualified fitness trainers in Ann Arbor can be tough - it got a lot easier with COVAL Fitness!

Take Back Control of Your Life - Escape The Reactionary State of Living: Part 1


Take control of your life with help from the professional fitness trainers in Ann Arbor at COVAL Fitness.

5 Ways To Ensure Your Long-Term Success


Stuck searching personal trainer near me in Ann Arbor on Google? Coval Fitness can help you reach your goals.

Chasing a Feeling - Why Every Workout Shouldn't Feel Like a 10


Looking for dedicated private personal training in Ann Arbor? COVAL Fitness has the programs and support in place to help you reach your goals.

Understanding Your Micronutrients: Part 1


Understanding your micronutrients and nutrition is key to our private personal training in Ann Arbor at COVAL Fitness.

COVAL Fitness July Client of the Month: Angi S.


Need a one-on-one personal trainer in Ann Arbor? COVAL Fitness proves individualized training. Read Angi's story.

Large Group Training May Not Be For You: Part 1


Experience the COVAL Fitness difference if you're searching for a personal fitness trainer in Ann Arbor

3 Effective Ways to Manage Your Stress


Stress can lead us to some bad habits and affect our health. Personal Training in Ann Arbor at COVAL fitness along with sound stress solutions can help!

Find The Team That Cares About You


If you're shopping for a personal trainer in Ann Arbor, it's important that you find a team that has your best interests in mind - not theirs!

COVAL Fitness 21-Day Kickstart Program


Looking for a way to start exercising and supercharge your fitness? The COVAL 21-Day Kickstart Challenge is the perfect guide to get you started!

Corrective Exercise


Pain can impact your day-to-day life. COVAL Fitness trainers in Ann Arbor can help design a program specifically with your needs in mind.

Lifestyle Transformation


Are you struggling to live your best life? At COVAL Fitness we offer comprehensive personal training in Ann Arbor, Michgian

Lifestyle Performance Training


Getting into the gym, eating healthier, and treating your body better will drastically improve your quality of life!

Semi-Private Training


Want to get into shape but also want close attention from your trainer? Private Personal Training at COVAL Fitness will get you there!

COVAL Fam Success Story: Stacey


"Mike and his team have been amazing! I get access to all of their expertise, a team that helps keep me accountable, and perhaps the most interesting aspect of the whole experience is that I feel like I’m a part pf a family. I love it!"

COVAL Fam Success Story: John


The most impressive thing about COVAL is their assessment process. The level of depth that they went into to find out what my physical abilities and limitations were

COVAL Fam Success Story: Adam


"Lastly, I want to thank each and every trainer that I had the opportunity to work with. Not only were they all INCREDIBLY professional, knowledgeable, and helpful, they were also just phenomenal human beings."

COVAL Fam Success Story: Shannon


It can be super easy to try and focus on a million things at once when you're trying to lose weight and live a healthier life. However, what I found super effective was focusing on one small thing at a time.

COVAL Fam Success Story: Harry


"I wish everyone could see the amount of effort Harry has put into his development. Seriously, there were so many times where Harry would be at the gym at 2:00 a.m. working on his game."

COVAL Fam Success Story: Caitlin


"My journey isn't just about physical fitness - it's about emotional and mental health as well."

COVAL Fam Success Story: Jon


"I had been dealing with hip impingement issues on top of my knee rehab, and I wasn't even able to get into a squat or hinge position. After assessing my movement patterns, strengths, and weaknesses, Mike provided me a few corrective exercises."

COVAL Fam Success Story: Nader


"I will just like to add that regardless of your level of fitness, or knowledge you have, this is the only gym you should come to. Period. If you are already strong, and knowledgeable, be prepared to elevate your game."

COVAL Fam Success Story: Karen


"Mike encouraged me and told me that we would work on one goal at a time. He told me that it would be a process but I would see results if I stuck with it."

COVAL Fam Success Story: Channing


Channing has been killin' the game at COVAL Fitness for 2 years now and her progress has been such a pleasure to witness.

COVAL Fam Success Story: Pride D


It's been 3 months, and our guy has been absolutely killing it. We're beyond proud of Pride and look forward to seeing what he continues to do!

COVAL Fam Success Story: Gavin


He continues to grind and put in the work outside of the gym that has gotten him the results that he has earned.

COVAL Fam Success Story: Billy


Billy start with us in the summer of '17 and he's been all over his nutrition and fitness ever since. Well done, Jacked Bill!

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