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Whatever Your Current Choice of Cardiovascular Exercise is, Make It More Challenging

This adheres to the "overload principle" which was covered in detail in one of our most recent newsletters (if you're not signed up yet, then refresh this page and wait for the box to pop up where you can input your email address).

In a nutshell, the overload principle states that if we want our bodies to perform at a higher level, then we need to overload it with either a non-specific or specific activity in order to get it to perform at a higher level.  Without overload, we stay the same.

For example, if you currently walk 2 miles 4x per week for your cardiovascular training and have been for a couple of months, then you're going to have to "overload" that regimen in order to improve your cardiovascular endurance.


You might:

  • Increase the frequency of walking

  • Increase the distance of each walking session

  • Progress from walking to jogging

  • Walking with a weighted vest

Whatever you decide to do, the end result will be a more energetic & leaner version of yourself!

Participate in Other Activities That Physically Are Different Than Your Hobby

You hear this one a lot with young athletes; "you should play more than one sport". 

So if your hobby is tennis, then maybe you start going into the gym and lifting weights 2x per week. The benefits that you get from lifting (increase in lean muscle tissue, increased strength, etc) will have carryover to the tennis court. 

The above example is an example of a "cross-training effect".

The main takeaway from this point is that you improve your health AND have a better experience with your main hobby.

Get Stronger

Let's say your hobby is landscaping around the house.  You don't stop there though.  You enjoy it so much that you decided to make it something that you do on a part-time basis for other homeowners while making a little money on the side.


When it comes time to lift and spread those 40 lb bags of mulch it really takes a lot out of you.  Each time you pick up a bag and spread it out, it feels like you're exerting yourself near you fullest abilities.


You've had enough, and it's time to get into the gym and start getting stronger.  You start consistently lifting weights 2x per week for 8 weeks.  You're feeling stronger than you have in a long, long time.

When you go back to lifting those bags of mulch and spreading them out, do you think it's going to take as much energy to lift and spread out the mulch from each bag?  Definitely not.  In fact, you will probably feel a difference in your endurance as well since you're not exerting as much energy each time that you lift a bag of mulch and spread it out.

Lifting bags of mulch, salt, kitty litter, propane tanks, grandkids... we've had a lot of clients report how much easier life gets after they put a few months of hard work in at the gym.

Put those 3 tips to work & let us know how they work for you in whichever hobby you pursue!




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