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"Paying it forward" is something that we strive to do with younger, aspiring coaches.  That's why we have our internship program in-place.

It's an opportunity to give back and develop the next generation of coaches.  

Listen to what an internship (and eventual position as a Fitness & Performance coach at COVAL) did for former UofM Kinesiology student, Matt DeHaven.

INTERN:  Matt DeHaven

DEGREE:  BS in Movement Science from University of Michigan, 2017

CURRENT:  DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) Student at Regis University, 2021

COVAL Fitness - Trainers Near Me in Ann Arbor, Michigan

"My time at COVAL was hands down the most rewarding experience of my undergraduate career, from both a personal and professional perspective. Professionally, my internship allowed me to explore the way that movement and physiology apply to real individuals. While my kinesiology classwork had taught me the “what” of the human body, working at COVAL helped me uncover the “how” and “why” behind the movement and sports performance.

Perhaps more important than any of the movement and fitness knowledge I gained was my improvement in communication skills. The ability to communicate and forge relationships with individuals from all walks of life is a skill and requires continual practice.

An internship at COVAL will force you to develop this skill as you coach clients through sessions.

During the process of choosing a physical therapy school, I interviewed at five universities. All these interviews involved different formats and questions, yet in every interview, I drew upon my experiences at COVAL to answer most questions. This was a huge advantage because while others struggled to think back for answers, my answers seemed obvious as I spent each day at COVAL interacting with real people and dealing with real situations. Now that I’ve started physical therapy school, I’ve found that the knowledge and experience gained at COVAL have made the transition much smoother for myself than for many of my classmates. Additionally, my experience has allowed me to easily understand why many of the things learned in my anatomy course are relevant in performance and rehabilitation, while others have simply focused on memorizing the material.

If I have any one piece of advice for future interns it is: ask more questions than you answer. I like this phrase because it applies on multiple levels. It’s an important concept during coaching sessions, as it helps you develop meaningful relationships and it places the focus on the client. It’s not about you! This concept helps you remember and practice that. From an educational perspective, you must continue to ask questions of yourself, those around you, and those you learn from. This will help you expose areas that you need to work on and help develop those around you as well. As soon as you transition your mindset from questioning everything to knowing everything, you begin to limit your ability to grow as a coach and individual."

Well said, Matt!  We can't wait to see what Matt does in this industry over the next 5-10 years. One thing is for sure, he will make a tremendously positive impact on many lives!




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