Why You Should Be Doing Your "Resets" Daily

Are you adding Resets to your daily routine? 

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For those of you who are COVAL members, you may be wondering "Resets?!  What are those?!"

Check the first page of your warm-up.  Check under the "Release" section (first box of exercises at the top).  The second group there is your "Resets".

Now, before I start I will say that some of the "Resets" require special equipment (i.e. "GHR Breathing), but for the most part, you can execute these on the daily at-home.

What are "resets" good for?

  • Decreasing stress (i.e. tightness, tension, pain) from common areas like the low back, knees, front of the shoulder, and neck

  • Re-aligning your body (this is something that is chronic and requires enough frequency aka do it every day:-)

  • The breathing component will increase activity of the "rest & digest" part of your nervous system (aka parasympathetic nervous system).

    • This can help alleviate mental stress, change the position of your joints (air = pressure and pressure is created in joints) so that you're putting stress in areas of your body that are more desirable (i.e. in your muscles and not compressing on your joints), and heighten body awareness.

  • Great to "reset" the body after finding ourselves in the same positions day-in and day-out for prolonged periods of times (sitting at a desk, sitting in a car, sitting on a couch) and activate muscles that otherwise remain functioning at a low level for most of the day

" I discovered COVAL Fitness when dealing with all kinds of weird injuries that left me worried that I would never be able to compete in triathlons again. On a recommendation, I contacted Mike to help me out. He did a thorough assessment and found that my body was just out of balance (my words not his!). In working with Mike and the other trainers, I became injury FREE and was able to go back to doing all of the activities that I loved.
- Jan M. 

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I'll go as far to say even if what I wrote doesn't apply to you and you're someone who has variety throughout your day and you're not currently dealing with any injuries, aches, or tightness in certain muscle groups that it is still an excellent idea to do these "resets" on the daily to decrease the likelihood that you do end up having to deal with any injuries, aches, or tightness in certain areas. 

Personally, I do mine daily and especially before I play basketball and at 34 years old, knock on wood I haven't had any major injuries playing basketball and I recover much faster than I did when I was 17 years old.

Talk with your coach about your "resets" and then also look at throwing your core exercises from your warm-up into your daily routine.  It will take 5-10 minutes and will be the best daily 5-10 minute investment that you make into your long-term health.




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