You Would Be Amazed By How Much You Can Eat (PT 3)

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Eating not only the right foods but the right amount of those foods is tricky. 

Food quality can dramatically impact how much food you consume. 

Think about those two pics from Part 1 of this series.  Just in case you forgot:

COVAL Fitness - Trainers Near Me in Ann Arbor, MI


COVAL Fitness - Trainers Near Me Ann Arbor, Michigan

Which of these two meals would take longer to consume do you think? 

I don't know about you, but I could probably house that burger in 2 minutes.

The meal in Pic 1 took me 20 minutes.  The volume and composition of the food forced me to slow down , chew my food thoroughly, and in the process my stomach and brain had some time to communicate and signal that I was FULL after that meal.

Now I only used the picture of the burger in Pic 2, but you know damn well that we aren't just stopping with the burger.  There's going to at least be a large fry (an extra 510 calories) and let's be conservative here and say a large Diet Coke (not regular) to wash it all down.  Now, not only are we scarfing down that burger uber fast, but now we're adding another 510 calories to our meal and if we're person B we're at 62% of our total daily caloric intake!!!

And it's not even just the calories here.

It's the composition of calories (not enough protein, excess carbs, fat and then other things like sodium, saturated fat, etc….ALSO, sodium and saturated fat are not bad…just in excessive amounts).

It's the fact that in all likelihood, person B would be hungry again in an hour or two and then it becomes a game of willpower which normally she could conquer, but with a work deadline at 4PM, having to pick up the kids from practice right after she gets out of work, and then coordinating with her husband on weekend travel for the kids games this weekend, she's stressed out of her mind and you know that willpower game is one that she will likely not win (and if she does today, then she WILL eventually lose…and lose consistently).

Now, what do you think the likelihood of that scenario playing out if I consumed the meal in Pic 1?




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