You Would Be Amazed By How Much You Can Eat (PT 2)

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It starts with what foods you eat and how much you eat. 

Now, unless there is an urgent need/desire to lose this weight in as short amount of time as possible, then it is desirable for long-term results to take a slower approach.  This means that the goal is to still get in as many calories as you can while remaining under your estimated daily allowance.


We want to maintain lean muscle mass.

9 times out of 10, when someone rapidly loses weight, there will be lean muscle tissue (sometimes a significant amount) that is lost.  We don't want that because:

  1. Can affect one's appearance.  Usually when people say that they want to "lose weight" what they mean is that they want their body fat % to drop and either to maintain or increase their lean muscle tissue.  This will give the appearance of a more lean, more toned look.

  2. Rapid weight loss can negatively impact hunger hormones (CCK, GLP-1, PYY, leptin, ghrelin).  In laymen terms what this means is that it increases the likelihood that you put the weight that you lost right back on, and in some cases even more.

With that said if you do decide that you need to crash diet, then the majority of your calories should come from protein so that you can hang on to as much lean muscle tissue as possible.

That's not what this post is about though, so back to the math.

Person A could consume up to 2,500 calories per day and still be under what is called their "BMR" (basal metabolic rate aka the number of calories needed to just lay around all day long). 
Person B could consume up to 1,850 calories per day and still be under their BMR.

So for person A, we go back to that first picture of the chicken & veggies and 585 calories in Part 1 of this series.  If he were to eat that as a meal and let's say that he does 2 more meals for the day at that same caloric intake and then add in 2 snacks at 250 calories per snack, he'd still have another 245 calories that he could consume and still be under his daily intake!!!

For person B, she would have that 585 calorie meal, and let's say she does 2 more meals for the day at that same caloric intake, then she could have a snack of 100 calories and still be under her daily caloric intake!!!

So for Person B, I wouldn't say that the meal was "a lot" of calories because it was roughly 1/3 of her caloric intake.  Most people will have 3 meals per day, so this almost works out perfectly.

For Person A, it definitely wasn't "a lot" of calories because it was only roughly 23% of his total daily caloric intake.

In Part 3 we're going to combine the first two parts of this series and talk about quality of food and how it can impact your food intake.


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