Riding Roller Coasters is Fun, Living Life Like You're On One is Not

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Your progress with your body composition and weight loss goals is like a roller coaster. On one hand, you might be going through life where you're riding the Magnum XL 2000.  Enormous peaks & depths where you feel like you're making great progress one minute, and the next minute all the weight you lost has come back on and you have no idea what in the hell happened.


On the other hand, your progress could be more analogous to one of those boring, little kid roller coasters at Cedar Point that aren't too big and don't go too fast.  Slow & steady without too big of peaks & valleys. This is more ideal as it results in less stress to you not only mentally, but physically as well. Those of you who have lost weight put it back on, and then find it harder to lose the weight the second time around, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 


So the question is, how do you break the cycle and decrease those peaks & valleys?


One answer is you build a framework to operate from. 

This framework consists of your values, needs, and goals and then matching the appropriate behaviors piece-by-piece so you're living a life that is more consistent and more importantly consistently in-line with who you are & what you want.


Trainer Gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness

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PS I hate rollercoasters…for real.  If you care to know, the next time that you see me, ask me about my experience with Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point :-P

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