"Little Brother"

PREFACE:  I have ZERO college football allegiance to Michigan or Michigan State. Last Saturday's game speaks for itself. 

"Little Brother" was the catchphrase the former UofM running back, Mike Hart, bestowed on Michigan State back in 2007.

Little did he know that this harmless catchphrase that most laughed at would become a motivator for Michigan State football for the next decade +. 

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Private Personal Training in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Now granted, there are a ton of variables that go into how good a football team is or isn't, but that catchphrase became a central motivator for the chip that the Michigan State football program would carry on its shoulder for the next decade and coincidentally MSU would go on to take 8 out of the next 10 meetings with "Big Brother".

MSU had a chip on their shoulder.  As an outsider, it appears that they used that "us against the world" mentality to their favor and did so in a positive manner. 

I assume that the majority of us have that one moment in our lives where we were doubted.  Where we were told that we were nothing.  Where we were told that we won't amount to anything.  For the sake of the metaphor, that we were "Little Brother".

Sometimes that was someone else telling us that.  Other times it could have been that voice in our heads telling us that.

I know that I had that moment.  I had it over & over again.  From the time I was 5 or 6 years old until my early 20's I used to get angry in those moments.  At the time, in most situations, I didn't use that anger in a positive manner.  Eventually though, as I learned more about myself and my vision of what I wanted became more clear, I just stopped listening to it & started believing what I kept telling myself; "I'm better than that".

Once you believe that you're better than what you're being told is when the real progress can be made. 

With the UofM/MSU game upon us tomorrow, I encourage you to think of your "Little Brother" moments that you've had in your life.  How do they make you feel now? 

Hopefully, you're in a place where you can look back on them & appreciate them for molding you into who you are today.  If they still have a negative impact on you, then it might be time to use that as a motivator for getting past it so that you can 100% live the life that you want.



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