Understanding Your Micronutrients: Part 1

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There’s a ton of information out there on the internet regarding pretty much anything that you would like to know about. It’s a blessing and a curse. Information put into the wrong hands can be toxic.

“Don’t eat carbs! You’ll get fat!”

“Don’t eat too much protein.  It’s bad for your kidneys!”*

*This is true if you have kidney disease.  Not true if your kidneys are healthy

“Stay away from fat.  It will make you fat!”

These are some of the more common misconceptions that are out there on the internet, and we will cover a few in each part of this series. The goal with this series is to educate you so that you can filter through a lot of the poor nutrition information that is out there, empower you when making choices of which foods you should select when cooking meals at home or eating out, and put some of the most common misconceptions to sleep so that you don’t have to live in fear of any of your macros.


Stay tuned as we release part 2 next Monday where we cover fats!


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