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People of Ann Arbor 50 years and older, how many times have you heard or even said yourself:


"'s because I'm old"


Now granted, I'm 33 years old, but I hear people younger than me echoing those words and I definitely hear the 50+ crowd echo it on a weekly basis. 


Is your body going to accumulate some wear and tear after 50+ years of living on this planet? For sure!

Are hormone levels going to shift & physical abilities not going to be what they were when you were 25 years ago? No doubt.


However, getting old isn't a death sentence.  Far from it.  In fact, this is the prime time to take even better care of your body so that you can enjoy your later years. The average life expectancy here in the US is nearly 79 years old.  With modern medicine and technology continuing to advance, I'd expect this number to increase as the years go on.


It's not a matter of how long you will live, but how long you will enjoy your life?


One of the big motivators for me getting into a career in the health and fitness industry was watching my Grandma suffer for nearly the last 25 years of her life. I remember her being in the hospital more than being at home. She lived to be 84 years old, but in reality, was only to fully enjoy about 59 of those years.


I don't want to live my life that way. I want to be thriving until the day I die.


If I told you that all that you had to do was invest 3 hours of your time each week and you would see benefits such as:

  • being more mentally sharp

  • getting stronger

  • getting more joy of the activities that you enjoy because of better physical preparedness

  • getting better sleep

  • decreased blood pressure

  • increasing bone density (even reversing osteoporosis ladies!)

  • increasing muscle tone

  • increasing life span

  • enjoying and living your life into your 70's and beyond, not just being present for them

Then that would seem like a no-brainer to invest those 3 hours each week, right?


"I used to go to the gym 3x per week and spend an hour and a half each time I went. Now, if you would have told me that I could go to the gym only 2x per week, and spend a total of an hour and a half less each week at the gym than I did before, but see twice the results, then I would have thought you were crazy!"
- COVAL member Don L., a small business owner in Ann Arbor and 64 years old at the time that he made that statement.

Let's reverse the aging process and start feeling like you're 40 again!

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