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July brought us some heat, and so did COVAL family member Angi S., and that is why she is our Client of the Month for July!

Angi has been setting PR’s (deadlift, 145 x 5), successfully rehabbed an overly stressed Achilles tendon, shed a few pounds, leaned out her physique, and felt a noticeable boost in her energy levels.  That is one helluva last couple of months!

After an assessment with Mike where Angi expressed her concerns about low energy levels, she went to get her blood tested so she could find out the problem and get a solution. Angi did just that. She’s so coachable and pro-active when it comes to her health & wellness. It’s very inspiring!

When we asked Angi if she could share any advice with the COVAL family, this is what she had to say:

“For the last couple of months, I have struggled with my energy levels and fat loss. Mike saved me from feeling light-headed by filling my water bottle with Gatorade so that I had the energy source to finish my workouts I don’t know how many times. Mike and I chatted several times and he finally suggested that I go see my doctor and get my blood checked. I took note of some thoughts he had about what he was seeing and made a list of my symptoms and headed off to the doctor. My doctor was quite pleased to hear that my trainer had taken as much interest in my health as I have.

Anyway, a few blood tests later and some simple supplements and I am on my way rediscovering my energy levels! You are spending the money to improve your health at the gym, so listen to your body (and your trainer) and reach out to your doctor if you are having health issues. You could be feeling better before you know it!”

Angi killed it!  Nice work, girl!




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