3 Exercises to Help You Improve Power on Your Golf Swing at 50+ Years Old

Looking for some exercises to know a couple of strokes off your golf game?

Read Time:  6-8 minutes

Before we get started, remember "position dictates function" from our last post.  If you haven't read it, then take 2 minutes and click here to catch up. 

The circuit:  You will perform the following circuit for 2-4 sets before each round of golf.  If you're a member here at COVAL Fitness, then just pop in, do your warm-up, and get this circuit in & then go play!


This is going to strengthen your core and put you in a better position to rotate at your hips which will come in super handy with the back & down phases of your swing.  For the sake of the exercises that follow wall press abs, it will allow you to load & rotate your hips more effectively along with rotating through your upper back (thoracic spine or "t-spine").

Reps:  8-10

Tempo:  303 (lower heels for 3 seconds, no pause, take legs back to starting position over 3 seconds time);

Rest:  Minimal before going into Lateral Squat

Important Notes:  The goal is not to take your legs out as far as you can.  Focus on push your low back into the ground (think ants underneath your low back and you're trying to crush them).  Maintain that low back position as you take the legs out.  Only go as far as you can maintain back position!


This is a fantastic exercise for helping you load your hips which is going to be extremely effective for mobility, strength, and taking the stress off of your low back & knees (if done properly).  All benefits that translate to your golf swing!

Reps:  6-10 each leg

Tempo: 311 (lower for 3 seconds, pause at bottom for 1 second, 1 second back to starting position)

Rest:  60 seconds before doing MB Rotational Toss.

Important Notes:  Think of getting your low back into position similar to like when you do wall press abs, except now that you're standing.  When you go down, think of sitting into your back pocket, while keeping your weight on the instep of your foot & big toe.  You should feel lots of tightness (aka tension) in your glutes (butt), hamstrings (back of your thigh), and opposite leg adductors (inside of your thigh).



Now we're ready to get more specific and add some power to the mix! 

Reps:  6-8 each side

Tempo:  Explosive!  Your intent should be to put a hole in the wall!

Rest: 90 seconds before going back to Wall Press Abs.

Important Notes:  This exercise is similar to the loading phase of the lateral squat, except now you're going to want to think about rotating with the medicine ball outside of the hip pocket of the loaded side.  In fact, we cue "turn into the pocket" when coaching this exercise up.

You want to emphasize pushing with the leg/hips away from the wall rather than using your upper body to initiate and drive the movement.  When you release the ball, your belt buckle should be facing the wall and the heel of the outside leg should be turned away from the wall




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