Healthy Valentine's Day Ideas for You & Your Partner!

Valentine's Day is almost here - need some healthy ideas?

Your COVAL Fitness Personal Trainer in Ann Arbor has some fun recommendations!

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Ahhhh, February. Romance is in the air. Hallmark is making some serious coin & all is honky-dory in relationship land. Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.

Both you and your significant other have committed to a healthier lifestyle in 2019 & this Valentine’s Day you want to do something different.  But, you’re stumped & have no idea what to do!

In the infamous words of Steve Urkel, “No sweat, my pet!”  We’ve got you covered!

Here are 3 ways that you & your significant other can make your 2019 Valentines Day one to remember and at the same time benefit you for the remainder of the year:

1 - Get on Yelp and type in “healthy restaurants” for Ann Arbor.

Pick a new place that you two have never been to.  Who knows, this could be your new spot!  Then again, you don’t even have to type in “healthy restaurants”. Maybe you just find a restaurant and choose a healthy item that you have never had before. Ideally, this item is protein-rich, has veggies on the plate, and isn’t of a heavy portion. If it is, then maybe you split it with your sweetheart! 

2 - Each of you get a pen and piece of paper and write down healthy goals & things that you would like to do in 2019

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Maybe you find out that you have something that you both would like to do.  Or you each pick the one thing that you would like to try in ’19 and the other partner accompanies the other in the new activity.  You could also find out that you both have similar health goals (i.e. lose weight) and this can spark planning out how your lifestyles need to change in order to make that happen. 

There’s a lot of potential positives with this activity!

3- Go to the gym together! 

If your significant other belongs to a gym or studio and attends class and you have never been, then go with them!  It’s a quick, easy bonding experience that can be a great way to start the night.

There ya go!  A quick, easy list of ideas to implement for this Valentine’s Day for something to break the norm of roses and chocolate that is fresh and gives you long-term benefit for the remainder of your relationship!

If you & your partner are looking for a place where you can grow together & use your health & fitness as the platform, then email me back with and let me know that you’re interested along with what you’re looking to achieve this year and I will fill you in on our Valentine’s special! 

If you’re already a member of the COVAL Fam and are interested in having your significant other join you in your journey, then please do the same and we will let you of our Valentine’s Special!





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