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MV Shook
The University of Michigan, Movement Science Class of 2021

Despite MV being so young (she just wrapped up her freshman year), she was an absolute natural when it came to coaching and developing as a coach.  We're extremely excited to watch MV develop over the next few years, and you can bet that she is at the top of the list of potential future hires!

Personal Trainer in Ann Arbor - COVAL Fitness

"The most valuable part of my internship at COVAL was application! I interned with Mike after my freshman year, after just completing musculoskeletal anatomy (movsci 230/231). From the moment I walked into the gym, I was asked, "What's working here and how?" Initially, I was overwhelmed, but as the internship progressed, the anatomy became second nature.

Another great part of my internship was gaining an understanding of how much I don't know. Mike pushes you to learn about different schools of thought in training, different coaches, and how to interact with different types of clients.

Post-internship has made me more inquisitive and driven to learn more outside of university course work. Interning at COVAL develops your coaching skills, knowledge as well as communication. From working with clients, the best advice I have when coaching is: context is everything. When trying to teach, understand your client and their background. If you can place the goal of the lesson (in the Coval gym, it could be a movement pattern) into a framework the client is comfortable with, they will respond a lot better to your cue. Uncomfortable subject (movement pattern) + Comfortable framework (movement context) = Improved Understanding (better movement)"




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