Where Are They Now?(Intern Series) Coach Denny

Having a tough time establishing a new fitness routine? 

We're here to help - Meet Coach Denny!

Major: Movement Science, University Of Michigan

Grad year: 2016

Denny was another one of our outstanding interns that we were lucky to be a part of our family back in the Summer of '16.  Denny was always searching for ways to get better, asking excellent questions left & right, and took notes like a mad scientist during her time with us.  I always respected that about Denny and due to her persistence, I'm not surprised about the level of success she has found out in Los Angeles working as a trainer at Equinox.  Without further delay, here is Denny!

"Interning at COVAL Fitness was the first step I took toward my career in health and fitness. Among all the information and experience I gained, most notably I learned details and nuances of exercise performance, including technical alignment, visual checkpoints, verbal cues, and the "why" behind exercise selection. Being able to ask questions in a supportive environment and see and feel the difference in the quality of an exercise took my abilities and movement repertoire to the next level.

COVAL Fitness - Personal Trainer in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Since interning at COVAL, I have worked as a barre and cycle instructor at a boutique fitness studio, a group exercise instructor and health coach at a gym, and now work full-time as a personal trainer at a large-scale health club in Los Angeles. Certain technical cues I learned during my internship at COVAL have stuck with me and I have used them repeatedly during my work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. By interning in a gym setting and in the space of fitness professionals, I got to observe and be a part of the trainer-client dynamic. This gave me a reference point for when I first started offering one-on-one sessions.


If you are looking to become a successful trainer and grow into your best self, be authentically and unapologetically you. When you share your thoughts, ideas, and who you are with people, when you act in alignment with your values, you make deeper and better connections. Those connections are what lead to meaningful, fulfilling, and even lucrative work.

Personal Trainer in Ann Arbor - COVAL Fitness

My experience at COVAL Fitness was the springboard that led me to pursue my personal training certification, and ultimately my career in fitness. I would highly recommend interning with Mike to anyone who wants to learn more about the training and fitness industry, and to anyone who already dreams of working in fitness but wants to learn how to bring their passion for movement into a career."




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