Self Awareness - One of The Biggest Contributors To Your Success


How much of it do you possess?

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We can look at self-awareness under two lens.  

1 - General or "internal" self-awareness:  in a nutshell, you can look at this as how well do you know yourself.  Other points on internal self-awareness include:

  • How much do you understand and acknowledge that because of who you reflect on your overall happiness in life.

  • Having the ability to self-organize with said information above and then make necessary adjustments with behavior in order to have more favorable outcomes.

2 - External" self-awareness or simply put, how others in your environment perceive you.

Having strong self-awareness doesn't necessarily mean that one possesses a keen sense of external self-awareness.  A good test on if you happen to be this person is do you have a pretty good grasp on the internal part, but find yourself pushing your agenda on others around you, trying to force your beliefs up on them, and not being open to other ideas?  If so, then you're probably what's called in "introspector" (If you want more details on self-awareness and the research behind it then Google "Dr. Tasha Eurich").

On the other side of the coin, maybe you're someone who is strong in their external self-awareness, but poor with the internal side of things.  You might be someone who conforms to the group to fit in and on the outside one might observe and think that you're happy, but on the inside, you're unhappy because you're not sure of who you are and what you stand for yet.

No matter where you might fall, ignoring that self-awareness plays a big role in your success is a mistake that I would encourage you to reconsider as it 100% does play a role in not only your own success but the success of those around you that you love & care about.


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