Large Group Training May Not Be For You: Part 1

Have you been working out in groups – but not feeling like you’re getting enough one-on-one time?

Personal fitness training needs to actually be personal for it to work.

COVAL Fitness provides personal fitness training in Ann Arbor, MI

Large group training (groups of 10+) can be an effective solution for some people’s health & fitness goals.  Some being the operative word.


Often what happens in these large group settings is that there isn’t much coaching going on. Counting out reps doesn’t count as coaching and neither does shouting like a cheerleader! If there isn’t a good coach-to-client ratio, and the program isn’t tailored with your individual goals and needs in mind, that can be a problem. When this happens, it becomes a professionally chaperoned workout and nothing more.

Are all gyms doing a poor job of providing a personal fitness trainer in Ann Arbor? Not at all. I’ve seen gyms in my time as a professional that do a pretty good job with large group training. 

Most, however, fall way short.

If you’re free of aches/pains, have solid movement capacity (meaning you can move efficiently through multiple planes of motion at different cadences, speeds, and rhythms), and are seeking general fitness goals (improve body composition, improve efficiency of cardiovascular endurance, lose a few pounds) then you would probably do great in that type of setting. Performance training is supposed to be challenging, and if you're in a great group with proper coaching - congrats! If you fall into this category, then stop reading now and carry on with your day and we will catch you later with another post that is more relevant to you. 

However, if you’re dealing with chronic aches/pains, have difficulty moving, want to get stronger, lose weight, improve your body composition, and/or perform at your best in the weight room or particular event, then stay tuned for part 2 of “Why Large Group Training May Not Be Your Best Solution: Part 2” where we address the 3 pitfalls of large group training:

  • Lack of coaching

  • Poor coach-to-client ratio

  • Program isn’t specific to your goals and need

Stay tuned!


If you’re looking for a personal fitness trainer in Ann Arbor, contact us to schedule your assessment and download our 21 Day Kickstart Program!

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