It's All In The Hips: 3 Exercises to Improve Hip Rotation for the 50+ Year Old Golfer

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Chubbs had it right in Happy Gilmore when said: "it's all in the hips!"

What if you don't have the ability to use your hips optimally though?  Specifically, what if you run out of hip rotation on the early & late phases of your backswing & downswing?

I'll tell you what's happening.
You're going to be lacking power on your swing & adding unnecessary wear & tear to your body.

We've got you covered though!  We're coming at you with 3 exercises that you can start implementing to improve your hip rotation so that you're happy with your performance AND keeping your joints healthy while doing so.

1. Supine Hooklying Breathing

You might be looking at this exercise and thinking:

"How in the hell is this going to help my hip rotation?!?!"

I 100% agree with you that on the surface it's confusing as to how this could help hip rotation, so let's do a quick simple rundown of what we're after here.

Take a look at the picture of me below.

COVAL Fitness - Personal Fitness Trainer Ann Arbor Golf Swing in the hips

Now, I'm highly exaggerating my posture in that picture, but I'm sure you've seen a person or two that are close to the posture each and every time that you see them.

What you're seeing is the tailbone go clockwise, and the ribcage go counterclockwise (notice how puffed out my chest is.  Put your hands on your ribs just below your chest and then puff it out and feel how the ribs lift and rotate away from the pelvis).

This position doesn't allow us to stabilize effectively nor efficiently.  When the ribs and tailbone are going in opposite directions, this makes it really hard for us to do basic things like breath normally and move through each one of our joints effectively and efficiently.  When we breathe, we will have a hard time creating pressure through our abdominals.  This is important because the pressure in our abdominals creates stability which allows us to be more mobile through our hips and shoulders during our swing.

What we need to do is bring the ribs down and the tailbone under which essentially pulls them closer together.  In order to achieve this, we will utilize specific muscle groups and when this is accomplished, we can breathe more efficiently by using our diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, and abdominals.

The end result? 

Pressure through your abs rather than areas like your low back and your neck which allows not only for better rotation via increased stability but less wear and tear on your joints.

The "Supine Hooklying Breathing" drill is an excellent drill to start with to get you in a better position to create pressure, which you will instantly feel once you get your low back and rib cage in the right position and then will feel even further upon exhalation.

Make sure you do this drill first!


Abs, Back of Your upper Thighs (aka Hamstrings), Inside of Your Thighs (Adductors)

2.  Split Stance Anti-Rotation Band Chop w/ Roller

Now we're progressing to standing exercise where we're really going to be working on your hip rotation of the lead leg!

You're pulling the band across as your torso stays strong & rigid. 

Think about the belly button not moving while you have your weight shifted to the front leg.

This will be similar to your golf swing as you keep a strong, stable torso as the shoulders & upper spine (thoracic spine) and your pelvis rotates over your thigh bone (femur).


Abs, back of your upper thigh (hamstrings), inside of your thigh (adductors), front of your upper thigh (quadriceps)


3.  Split Stance Band Chop w/ Roller

This is very similar to the previous drill, but now we're rotating into the lead leg which will be similar to when you're in the late phase of your downswing.


Abs, back of your upper thigh (hamstrings), inside of your thigh (adductors), front of your upper thigh (quadriceps)



This is a lot of information to throw at you and it can be a little complicated. If you need help executing these moves or want some more exercises that'll help tear off a couple of strokes from your game, check out our 21-Day Kickstart Program by clicking on the button below to see how we can start helping you today!

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