3 Ways To Ensure Low Back Pain Doesn't Ruin Your Travel Plans!

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Low back pain can negatively impact everything.  Everything from our confidence to our relationships with those close to us as we become more irritable as we spend so much energy throughout the day focusing on our low back pain and how we can get rid of it.

The worst is when you have worked your butt off, decide to reward yourself with a trip to a hot spot destination, but low back pain is present during the trip and makes your hard-earned reward less enjoyable.

If you're currently experiencing low-back pain, and have an awesome trip planned that is upcoming, then listen up!  We're going to help you take your life back and make it so that the only thing you're focused on when you reach your destination is how you're going to find the time to fit in all of the fun activities that you have planned! *

1.  Get More Sleep

It's well documented that as our lives get busier and busier and the demand for our time and energy grows, our sleep is negatively impacted.  Both the quality and duration of sleep.  We see it all the time with clients when they first come into COVAL Fitness.  There's also research that shows that lack of quality sleep reduces pain tolerance. 

Things that you can do? Get to bed 30 minutes earlier, set yourself a bedtime routine to help yourself wind down before going to bed, sleep with your room between 62-67 degrees, and make sure that there is no light coming into your bedroom nor from any electronics within the bedroom just to name a few things.

2.  Get Up And Move Around During The Day

Most days we're confined to our desk for 9+ hours per day.  Couple prolonged sitting with high-stress levels and we're just asking for our joints to start hurting! 

Stand up, stretch, go for a walk, plan a lunchtime workout, lie on your back and do some deep breathing for 5 minutes.  Certainly you're not limited to these ideas only, but hopefully, that gives you some inspiration on what you can do to help yourself out.

3.  Train & strengthen your core

I use "quotations" around the word "core" because there are many different definitions of what the core actually is (we even have our own viewpoint on it at COVAL Fitness, but I'll spare you the boring details :-)), but the bottom line is training the appropriate core muscles  and training them in the right manner can help take a lot of pressure of your low back. 

Check out the video below and implement the first two exercises in the video twice daily for 8-10 repetitions each time that you perform them.

*There are many reasons that you may have low back pain.  If you haven't met with your doctor first, then that's step 1.  Let them know, and then they can direct you to the appropriate channel whether that be imaging, PT, or with a personal trainer.




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