I Ate The Whole Pint of Ice Cream!

It's easy to slip on your diet plan - it's how you get back on track that's important! 

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I walked in the door at 10:06 PM after a long day.  I was exhausted.

I didn't have a plan of what I was going to do when I walked in the door.  I just wanted to plop my ass in the chair where I watch my reruns of Entourage. As I got out of my car I walked up to the freezer in the garage and I grabbed a pint of Halo Top Cookies & Crème Ice Cream (technically, it's a "healthy" imitation of ice cream, but still not "healthy" despite how good that they try to market it).

I opened the top, threw it in the trash (because why would I need it, I'm going to eat the whole thing), and then plopped my ass right in that chair & watched an episode of Entourage for the 16th time.

I ate all of the Halo Top.

When I was done, I didn't feel guilty.  I wasn't mad at myself.  I just thought "alright, well, time to go meditate & go to bed."

This wasn't being dismissive or being unaware that my choice wasn't the greatest choice.  It was a mindset shift from YEARS of a really poor relationship with food.  It was one small misstep outside of the norm for me and it happened because I didn't have a plan for when I got home after expending myself both mentally & physically all day. 

Years ago, I would have beaten myself up over it.  Probably skipped a meal or two the next day or just let it lead to a self-destructive streak of poor choices day-after-day reached its peak and I'd get back on track only to continue this cycle. My brain just wanted to feel good so what better way to not have to exert itself and just go straight for Halo Top & Entourage? :-)

I didn't even forgive myself for that choice because I didn't believe what I did was "bad" or that it made me "bad".  It just was. The next day I was right back on track and making choices that best lined up with my values and what I want out of my life.

We're going to dive into the mindset of nutrition and relationship with food in future posts, but hopefully, this first post here gets you reflecting on your own experiences with your food.



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