3 Effective Ways to Manage Your Stress

Having a tough time managing stress?

Does it feel like your healthy habits get away from you when too much is going on?

Here are three solutions to help you manage your stress and help your personal training program.

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Ahhh, stress!  It can either make us or break us.  And in today’s society, it usually does more of the latter.

The acute stressors that we face on a daily basis (financial, relationship, work, etc.) aren’t an entirely big deal on their own.  It is when we are unable to cope that they become chronic stressors. these are the stressors that keep your brain going all night when you try to go to bed – for example: “How am I going to pay the mortgage this month!?!?” “My relationship with my significant other is getting worse and worse!!” - Yeah, those stressors!

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Stressors when turned on for long periods of time - even at only moderate levels - can manifest themselves negatively in your external appearance and the internal function of your body. That extra belly fat that you’ve been noticing over the past few months? That’s probably been due to the excessive stress in your life that hasn’t properly been addressed.  This has made you more susceptible to poor decision making (food choices, alcohol consumption, not going to the gym), a disrupt in hormone function (increase in cortisol production, decrease in dopamine production so you reach for those damn cookies to get a “high”, decrease in testosterone levels if you’re a male…hello “moobs”), and then you’re not sleeping so you’re not recovering from all the stress when sleep is your best opportunity to do so. Hopefully, you can see how much of a royal pain chronically elevated levels of stress can be to your health and wellness. Lifestyle transformation doesn't have to come all at once.

Let’s get a handle on all of this, shall we? 

3 ways that you can start effectively managing your stress today:

Daily Journal

The first key to creating change is to create more self-awareness. There’s no better way than to journal. You’re probably asking yourself, “okay that sounds great, but what do I journal about?!”  Here are some suggestions:

  • 3 positive things that happened to you in your day.
    It doesn’t matter how small or big they are as far as their impact goes. Write them down. If you can’t think of 3 things, then that’s a pretty good sign right there that your negative mindset could be the root of your problems. Work on it.

  • 3 negative things that happened to you in your day. 
    How did you feel when those things occurred?  Why?  How did you react to these negative situations?  How can you do better next time?

  • What did you do to unwind and destress today not including this journal? 
    How did you feel after that particular activity?  If you didn’t do anything, then what are you going to do tomorrow to change that?


“But, Mike!!!  I don’t know how and I don’t have the time or money to go learn!”

Each one of those excuses is now covered thanks to modern technology! There’s an app for your smartphone that you can download called “Headspace”. There’s this British guy named Andy, and he does an incredible job of coaching you through each session and educating you along the way. Meditation has clinically been proven to help with a reduction in stress, anxiety, focus, and improving overall brain function.
Give it a shot!

You Matter: Treat Yourself First

“Wh…wha….wha…what?!?! Treat myself first? That sounds pretty selfish!” You’re right. It is. But sometimes selfish is good. Especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. Think about it. If you’re not going to invest in your health (in this situation managing your stress) then how can you be there for the ones that you love in the highest capacity that you possibly can? What about for your co-workers? Or if you’re a business owner, then your employees and your clients? You will be there physically, but will you really be there?

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Take the time for yourself to go to the gym, go out for a walk, meditate, join a rec league for your favorite sport, read a book, go for a swim… whatever it is that you enjoy that is going to give back to yourself so that you can be your best for yourself and for others, then go do it.

If you need help - we're always here for you. If you're stressed about work, your weight, or making your health goals we can help. Contact us to schedule an assessment and get our free guide to kickstart your health!

You matter what - you’re important. Start treating yourself like it.

Have an awesome week,



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