3 Quick and Simple Ways To Start Eating Better Now!

Struggling to make healthy habit changes? 

Trying to eat better, get more sleep, and improve your fitness?

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When it comes to nutrition, the struggle is real!

“It’s okay to eat x,y,z” says “expert” #1.

“It’s not okay to eat x,y,z” says “expert” #2.

There’s so much conflicting information out there, no wonder we get so confused by what we read and hear!

Let’s apply the KISS principle with our nutrition here:

Keep It Simple Stupid 

  1. Cookies, Ice Cream, Crackers, Pop (or if you’re a weirdo and call it “soda”) all are detrimental to your health when consumed frequently, so if they’re in your house, then toss them out! Or if they’re unopened then donate them to Food Gatherers. It’s the golden rule of food. If it’s in the house, then it will eventually get eaten. Sadly, in the case of produce, it will spoil. Then once that spoils all that you’re left with is cookies, ice cream, etc and with your busy schedule what do you think you’re going to do? Go to the grocery store and pick up more produce, protein, and healthy carbohydrates or drive straight home and grab that carton of ice cream?

    Yeah, better just toss the delicious bad stuff out.

  2. With meal composition, select a protein, healthy carb, and healthy fat. This will lead to a very well-balanced meal with the proteins boosting your metabolism due to its high TEF (thermal effect of food) which means it results in a high amount of energy to break your food down and it helps build more lean muscle tissue. The more lean muscle tissue that you carry, the more energy you burn. Healthy fats providing management of your hunger hormones (ghrelin and leptin) so that you stay fuller for longer. Finally your healthy carbs providing your brain with the energy it needs to function, managing your blood sugar levels, satiety, and replenishing your muscle glycogen stores for those intense workouts that you go through.  If you would like a resource that can provide with great protein, healthy carb, and a healthy fat resource, then email me at [email protected] and I’m more than happy to shoot over our “Grocery Store Survival Guide” that will provide with all the information that you need.

  3. Be Honest With Yourself and Take Responsibility. Let’s be honest, nutrition can be the hardest part of living a well-rounded, holistic lifestyle.  We have busy, demanding schedules with work, family, social life, fitness, and it goes on and on. Usually, what happens when things really get hectic and we have a hard time staying in control of our lives is we let nutrition go to the wayside.


It’s so damn easy!  We have so many options available nowadays, both in food selection and ways to obtain it (thank you Trifecta Nutrition food delivery!), that it’s insane.

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Often times - I’ve been guilty of this as well - what will happen is we then justify our eating habits and convince ourselves that we are eating well, and then can’t figure out why we’re not making progress with our fitness (body composition, performance, etc).

The reality is that we know damn well that we aren’t doing what we should be doing, but it’s easier to deflect responsibility from ourselves and let the craziness of our lives dictate how healthy we are, or in this case unhealthy. What you see in the mirror won’t change until you start taking responsibility for your decision making and what you’re putting on your plate. Find an accountability buddy, share your goals on social media and so that everyone sees it, hire professional help… whatever you have to do to make it happen, then do it! You owe it to yourself and your sanity.

There are your 3 tips to help you start eating better immediately. In my opinion, the third tip is most powerful and that’s where it all starts. I look forward to hearing about everyone’s progress!

Have a killer weekend,




If you're struggling to make these changes or need a little extra encouragement or accountability - we can help. Contact Us to get your free personal fitness assessment! 

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