Avoid Letting The Holidays Ruin Your Progress

We see this too often. 

Someone makes outstanding progress throughout the first 10.5 months of the year.  Then, Thanksgiving rolls around and they toss up two middle fingers to the previous 10.5 months and succumb to the temptations of the holidays.

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Personal Trainer in Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness

This isn't just the food either.  With the weather getting colder, days getting shorter, and our irritability and stress levels rising we start moving less and searching for those quick fixes that help us feel better in the moment.

You deserve better & you know it!

Join us & the rest of the COVAL fam as we have our 2nd Annual Holiday Hustle Challenge where you will get the accountability, training, community, and coaching that you need to help you stay on track and move into 2020 feeling strong & confident!

Remember, we're limiting this challenge to 5 not current COVAL members.  Details can be found by clicking here.

Anybody who is a current COVAL member, then just reply to this email with "I'm in!" and we will get you all set up.



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