No More Advil After Your Workouts!

"But, I want to keep inflammation down!"

That's the problem.

COVAL Fitness Trainers Near Me in Ann Arbor, MI - Pain relievers and how they affect your workout.

Inflammation gets a super bad rap though and it's very misunderstood.  What most people mean when they refer inflammation to is "chronic inflammation" and yes, that is not ideal and can be driven by high levels of mental stress, physical stress to a specific area, poor nutrition, poor sleep, etc.

Inflammation is a natural stress response that your body needs to go through in order to kickstart the recovery process and rebuild muscle tissue.

Chronic use of NSAID's after a workout can negatively impact the efforts of your workout, resulting in no to very little positive response to your body from your training.

Now, to play Devil's Advocate, there has been positive findings on muscle growth & strength in older populations (60-85 years old), but at what cost to your gastrointestinal, renal, and cardiovascular system?  That, I don't have a firm answer to.  Plus they were using a training program that the researchers provided which probably wasn't that good in the first place, so I'd just suggest that they come train at COVAL & we will get them strong without the NSAID's!

So what is probably the best thing that you can do to help avoid any chronic inflammation?

Eat healthy (more fruits & especially veggies), drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, cut back alcohol consumption, and try not to stress too much.  If you're in chronic pain, then find a PT you trust and get started with them today!

If you need a PT, then I highly recommend Greg Schaible DPT, owner of On Track Physiotherapy.  You can find more information about Greg by clicking here.




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