Take Back Control Of Your Life - Escaping the Reactionary State of Living: Part 2

Not enough day left in your day?

Does time keep slipping past while your goals stagnate? 


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In part 1 of this series, we described a very real, common day-in-the-life of a lot of people that we work with. Today, we discuss the key to creating change in your day-to-day so that you can start living the life that you desire and deserve.

Enter The Pattern-Interrupt.

What is a pattern-interrupt you ask? It's simply a technique that is utilized to change a behavior, thought, or situation for the better. We are naturally habitual creatures. If we find ourselves unfulfilled and unhappy with our current life situation, then look no further than your behaviors, thoughts, and actions that have led you to that point in your life.

Unhappy with your weight? Then look at your exercise habits over the past few years. Examine your nutrition habits. How has your sleep been over that time?

Are you struggling financially? Look at your spending habits over time. Are you going out Friday and Saturday and dropping half of your paycheck at the bar? Maybe you have a 2-cup per day Starbucks habit that totals up to $8 per day - that’s $240/month!

You get the picture.

Look at the individual in the previous post.  Where you could you implement a pattern interrupt?  And what is the pattern interrupt that could be implemented?

Let’s use a couple of examples:

  • Let’s take the very first action of the individual in the blog post. His anxiety about oversleeping caused him to roll over and grab his phone to see what time it was, which only escalated his anxiety levels.

  • The individual reacted to his hunger after the workout by choosing something easy and unhealthy.

We can take a look at example #1 and find a number of things where we could utilize a pattern-interrupt.

Perhaps we put the phone across the room so it is out of reach so that he doesn’t reach for it if he wakes up in the middle of the night.

Another pattern-interrupt would be getting up after finishing dinner and being productive for the next hour or so by completing, planning tomorrow’s day, and turning off the TV and reading before going to bed. All of these actions would have likely lead to a better night’s sleep and lead to a more productive tomorrow.

In example # 2, maybe the pattern-interrupt is having a post-workout shake ready to go. This helps kick-start recovery, is beneficial toward the goals that he wants to achieve, and satiates his hunger until he gets home and has his planned out dinner (pattern-interrupt #2) ready to cook or already prepared in his fridge.

The key is now implementing these pattern interrupts anytime that you catch yourself behaving or acting in a manner that doesn’t reflect your desired end result.  Self-awareness is a HUGE part of this.  Self-awareness can be an entire post on its own, so we won’t go deep into that right now.  The bottom line though is to know yourself.  Be honest with yourself and know where you fall short in your pursuit of a better version of yourself.

What will be the pattern interrupt that you implement in order to break your destructive patterns?

Establish Your Pattern-Interrupts - Ann Arbor Fitness Trainers

Part 3 of this series will be about short and long-term strategies that you can implement in order to start making progress now and forever!


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