"Fall Into Fitness" Transformation Challenge Starts 9/16 @ COVAL in Ann Arbor

Back when we did our last Transformation Challenge, we said that the next TC wouldn't be until after Thanksgiving.....


We lied!

COVAL Fitness - Fall Into Fitness Challenge 2019

Back when we did our last Transformation Challenge, we said that the next TC wouldn't be until after Thanksgiving.....


We lied!

Not because we were trying to be scandalous or anything like that.  The team & I have been putting TONS of hours into developing the next challenge and we're ready to deliver it to you!  It's ready to go & we thought right now is the prime time of the year when people start getting into new routines.  

Summer is over.  Fall is here.   Behaviors change and we want to make sure that we're doing all that we can to help you ensure that those behavior changes are for the better :-) 

Without further delay, here are the details:

When & For How Long?

Monday, September 16th - Saturday, October 26th, 2019 for a total of 6 weeks.


You can either participate on your own, with a partner or with two other partners.  So just to be clear, that's a team of 1-3 people.  If you would like to partner with somebody(s), but don't know anybody here at COVAL, then you can either:

A)  Let us know and we will find a team for you (no guarantee that we find you a team though)

B)  Find someone outside of the current COVAL Family to join you & if they sign up, then your Challenge fee is waived ($49 for current COVAL members)

Investment for Current COVAL Members:  



Upgrade for COVAL Members (add 1 semi-private session per week for the duration of the Challenge): 



Investment for Non-Current COVAL Members:

12 semi-private sessions: $419
24 semi-private sessions: $619


For those of you who are current members or have trained with us before, you know there is much more involved than just the training sessions.  To get a full list of details, please click here to get the details if you wish to share with someone who might be interested.

Important Note: 
We are limiting spots to non-COVAL members to 15 people.  We simply don't have the manpower or time slots to take on more than that many new clients at this time without sacrificing the quality of service that you all have to come to know us for.


Grand Prize:

$1000 to the winner(s)!  If it is a winning team of 2 people then the money will be split 50/50 ($500 for teammate A and $500 for teammate B).  If there are 3 people on a team, then the money will be split into thirds with $333.33 going to each person.

2nd Place will take home $350.

3rd Place will take home $150.

Charity Donations:  

This is a new, cool, feature that we're adding to the challenge.  

We will be tracking individual progress each week.  Then we will have certain goals for everyone in the challenge as a whole.  If the goals are met each week by all participants in the challenge, then I will personally write a $175 check each week to the Detroit Pit Crew Rescue.  This is a wonderful organization that helps dogs get off of the streets of Detroit, the veterinary care that they need, and placed into loving, forever homes.  

Each time that we run a challenge from here on out, we will choose a charitable organization that fits out "Charity Mission".  If you wish to check our "Charity Mission" out, then please request a copy and I will happily send it over to you.

Tracking Results:

We will look at results and behaviors throughout this challenge and that is where you will earn points.  

  • Weight, measurements, and body fat % will be tracked

  • There will be weekly Facebook challenges

  • Weekly weigh-ins

  • Weekly group workouts

  • Daily check-ins through the COVAL Coaching app

The details of how this will all be tracked will be shared at the Kick-Off Meeting on Thursday, September 12th @ 6PM (more on this in a minute). 

Okay, I Want In!  What Do I Do Now?!

If you're currently a COVAL member and want in, then just let me know.  There is no limit on the number of CURRENT COVAL members that can participate.

Just let me know:

  • If you want to be in on a team by yourself, with a partner, or two other partners (and whom you would like to be with if you know that info)

  • If you can attend the Kickoff Meeting on Thursday, 9/12 @ 6PM

  • If you want to upgrade your membership for the challenge

If You're Not Currently A Member OR If You Know of Someone Who Might Be Interested Then click this link and register for the Kickoff Meeting. I will follow-up shortly with all the details and what it will entail.  

We very much look forward to having you be a part of our "Fall Into Fitness Transformation Challenge"!!!




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