If You're SAD & You Know It, Clap Your Hands: Part 2

Winter got you stuck in a rut?

Need a personal fitness trainer near Ann Arbor to pop you back into action?

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Part 1 of this series ended on an introspective note, whereas here in Part 2 we're going to give you 7 things that you can do to help prevent/combat your "Winter Blues!"

  1. Make sure you get enough sleep, but not TOO much sleep - still strive for 7-8 hours, and when it's time to get up, then get up!

  2. Exercise regularly - the benefits to your brain & in turn your physiology cannot be stated strongly enough.  

  3. Practice some sort of mindfulness activity - this could be meditation, deep breathing, or simply turning off all electronics & sitting alone....in silence.  Again, this can have positive benefits on your brain, and specifically with your amygdala, which is your brain's fear center.  This can help turn down anxiety levels that usually associate with depression.

  4. Supplement with Vitamin D - for Michiganders, this is a non-negotiable to help with managing depression (not to mention it has been found to help increase lean muscle tissue #gainz)

  5. Find a new "tribe" - "Tribalism" is a new buzzword floating around, but it has a very strong significance to us & our daily lives on a very subconscious level.  Specific to this post though, the significance is that you seek out a group that shares similar interest and/or goals, and then incorporate them into your weekly routine.  It’s easy to isolate yourself from everyone & everything when it is cold out, and this helps with preventing that while keeping a healthy social life and if you can incorporate your health & wellness into the mix and make this something physical, then a thumbs up & high five emoji for you!  In fact, we just had a client join a cycling club recently & he’s already feeling the positives of having done so; physically, mentally, & socially.

  6. Go on a quick vacation somewhere warm – this doesn’t have to be a week-long trip. This can be as simple as a quick weekend getaway.  If possible, make it somewhere warm AND somewhere where you don’t have to change time zones.  This way you still get the warm sun, without having to adjust to a new time zone & readjust when you get back.  For us Michiganders, I highly recommend Miami Beach or South Beach.

  7. Use Wake-Up Light Therapy – these alarm clocks are meant to simulate how we are naturally meant to wake up; when the sun rises.  This can make your rise time more gradual & natural, than the same annoying alarm blaring in your ear when the clock strikes 6 AM. I highly recommend this.

Fitness Trainer Near Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness

Do you have to take action on all of these?  No.  Not at all.  Pick just one that you feel is going to be the least amount of effort mentally, and stick to it.  Once you get the ball rolling, then it will likely be less difficult to keep things moving forward than you originally thought before you took action on your first habit.




If you need help getting rid of the wintertime blues, exercise and fitness training is a great way to get your spark back. Contact Us, to schedule your fitness assessment and download our Free 21-Day Kickstart Program!

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