If You're SAD & You Know It, Clap Your Hands: Part 1

Winter blues stalling out your fitness plan?

Need a fitness trainer near Ann Arbor to get you back on track?


Winter is in full effect right now.

We had a snowstorm and a "Polar Vortex" all in one week!


The "Winter Blues" are real & are better known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Fitness Trainer Near Me Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness

Sad Calvin as he has to wear his poopin' boots for Winter 


We (especially us Michiganders) experience very little sunlight which in conjunction with less physical activity leads to physiological changes such as lower levels of Vitamin D, serotonin, & melatonin. This leads us to sitting here and being like "Why in the hell do I have ZERO motivation to do ANYTHING?!"


It can be super easy to pass this time by and just stay inside, watch TV, eat delicious food to make you feel better, and try and do whatever you can to have a feel-good moment. However, it is in your best interest for not only the short-term, but your long-term health to be pro-active about the negatives that come with the Winter & do your part to ensure that you're not only happy & healthy for the sake of you, but everyone around you as this can affect your relationships with friends, family, and co-workers.  


Give that last paragraph some deep thought, and then come Monday be ready to get Part 2 of this series where we will give you action steps that you can take to help combat feeling SAD.


Have a great weekend!


Fitness Trainer Near Ann Arbor, Michigan - COVAL Fitness

If you need help kicking Seasonal Affective Disorder to the curb, we'll kick your fitness in gear. Contact Us to schedule your fitness assessment and download our Free 21-Day Kickstart Program!

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