Take Your Workout Outdoors - 5 Places in Ann Arbor!

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Track / Football Field

Most like to use the track, which is all well & fine, but the football field is a great way to put less stress on your joints since there is less impact when your foot meets the ground than when one runs on the track.

Sprints, tempo runs, Fartlek runs, and creative games that you come up with on your own can all be methods that you use to get your workout in.

There a handful of outdoor tracks & football fields locally where this can be done.


We have so many nice trails here in the Ann Arbor area.  Get outside and enjoy being in nature! 

Especially during the summer.  We Michiganders have a small window where we can comfortably get outside, enjoy the weather, AND get physical activity in.  Get it in while you can!

Head to alltrails.com to see which Ann Arbor trail piques your interest and get feedback from fellow outdoor runners on which trail is best!

Two of the highest-rated are Bird Hills Trail and Nichols Arboretum Loop Trail.

Golf Course

We can agree that you will get your physical activity in from the actual act of swinging a golf club. However, even after playing 18 holes, the amount of energy expenditure doesn't add up to much.

Now, if you're physically active 6-7 days per week, riding in the golf cart isn't going to be a big deal at all.

However, if you're struggling to get an adequate amount of physical activity in, then take advantage of being on the course by walking the course. Our clients love Rackham Golf Course, Ann Arbor Golf and Outing, and Barton Hills County Club in case you're looking for a place to play!

Your Backyard

You're only limited by your own creativity on this one.

Bodyweight workouts, running around with your dog, running sprints, recreational sports with your kids…the possibilities are endless.  If you have a backyard, then take advantage of it and turn it into your own playground!

Soccer Field

The obvious thing to do here is to play soccer.

However, that's not the only thing that you're limited to here.  The soccer field, like the football field, is a great place to do some sprinting, tempo runs, Fartlek runs, or even a bodyweight workout.

Get a group of friends, head up to the field, and do your own workout circuit together.  Fuller & Leslie Park are two great fields to get your workout in.

Again, you're only limited by your creativity!



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