"I'm Going to Open My Own Business"

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"I'm going to open my own business!"

This is what one of my friends told me years ago. I had a lot of respect for his ambition but wondered if he actually did his homework on what that all entailed.

I'm not talking about putting a business plan together.  I'm not talking a financial forecast for investors or even what his unique selling proposition was for another restaurant in a "foodie" town like Ann Arbor. I wondered if he had done the homework on HIMSELF to understand what it was going to take to turn that idea & ambition into consistent action over time.

Was he ready to sacrifice areas of his life that he currently enjoyed?

Was he ready to work extremely long hours and sacrifice his health in the early stages for the long-term vision?

Did he have the resiliency to be able to bounce back when adversity reared its face? 


I never got to see if those questions answered because the restaurant was just an idea and stayed just an idea, but the parallel here is that we often do this in our own lives. We get super excited about an idea (i.e. I'm going to lose 40 lbs this year!"), we make it a goal, but we never really understand what we need to do and plan it out.  We just kind of wing it and hope for the best. Rarely people get lucky with that approach initially.  Even rarer is that approach works for the long-haul.


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