Stay On Track During The Holidays with COVAL

"I have won at this journey.  I feel like I look better but more importantly, I feel so much better.  This challenge is over but the real journey has only really begun." - Karen B.

When I read those 3 sentences, I knew that we had accomplished what we set out to do with these challenges for that particular client.

It's NOT about who loses the most weight.

It's NOT about who loses the most inches.

It's truly about creating an experience that allows you to have a total paradigm shift in the way that you think about and approach your health.


Our next challenge (and perhaps our most important) is right around the corner!

"The Holiday Hustle Challenge" starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs up until Christmas Eve.

This is the time of the year where most people throw up a middle finger to the previous 11 months, and with the added stress of the holidays, change in weather, and consistency of low quality food options put in front of us, we could potentially throw away a lot or even all of the progress that we've made over the last 11 months.

The purpose of this challenge is to minimize the damage of the holiday season and provide everyone with an environment and community that holds them accountable for staying on track.

This challenge is by far the shortest of the year at 26 days long.

Friday, November 29th - Tuesday, December 24th.

If you're in, then just respond to this email by saying "I'm in!"

Current COVAL clients, there is NO cost to you to participate in the challenge.  With this being such a quick challenge, and just having come off our last challenge only a week ago, we're not going to have nearly as many details as the last challenge, but definitely, enough to keep you on track during this challenging time.

Non-members can get in for $279 which will get them the Challenge + 9 semi-private sessions over the 26 days.


We're limiting the challenge to 5 non-members.  Please share this email with anyone who you think might be interested or could benefit from participating.

Let's get through the holidays together,




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