3 Tips on How To Use Your Phone to Enhance Your Productivity

Did you know your phone can help you stay productive? - Who knew!?!

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You might be reading the subject line with your head cocked to the side and a big furrow in your brow thinking in your head "but my phone takes away so much time from me!"

Yes, exactly.  Rather than demonize your phone though, let's figure out how we can make it work for you because there is a lot of value in having our phones within an arm's reach 24/7.

1 - Do NOT allow phone calls to come through

I'm not saying ALL phone calls.  Create a list of your "favorites" and then set your phone to accept calls only from your "favorites".  This allows those who interact with the most to be able to contact you easily in the case of an emergency, but then drowns out the other 95% of phone calls that either are meaningless or can wait, but either way are definitely a distraction.

2 - Turn the "Downtime" feature on

This is a cool feature on the Iphone.  What this does is shut down the accessibility of most of the apps that you have on your phone.  You can obviously override it, but if you find yourself doing this, then I suggest you talk yourself through it as you're doing it (i.e. "why am I doing this?").  Hopefully, in that moment you will provide some clarity for yourself and get back to doing what matters most.

3 - Set daily limits on social media

Again, this is another helpful tool but can be easily overridden so it requires some self-control and integrity. 

Of course, you could go 100% in and just delete the social media apps off of your phone :-)



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