Coval FAQ's

Why Is COVAL so expensive compared to other facilities?

There are plenty of great group training (6+ people or more in one class) options available in Ann Arbor that offer excellent general fitness options for everyone. These programs can be a great option for you if you don't have specific goals, aches & pains that you're trying to get rid of, or if you just simply prefer to not have a plan and coaching that is focused on you and you would rather be a part of a group. No shame in that all!

However, what we provide is a blend of years of education (continued education), expertise, and care to bring you a specific plan that focuses on your physical needs and goals along with your nutritional and lifestyle needs and goals to ensure that we're providing you with something that is as detailed to your needs & goals as we can get. This ensures the best chance of your long-term goals and you living your best life. There's a lot that goes into the level of care provided not only when you start, but throughout your journey as we update your training programs and nutrition/lifestyle coaching.

The 3 things that our clients have communicated that they love best about us are*:

  • The individualized programming
  • The level of genuine care provided by the team
  • The expertise of the coaches

*Based off market research compiled in 2014 & 2017 of current & former COVAL clients

Not only are you going to get the results that you want, but you will get a comprehensive program that evolves over time with your needs & goals as those will evolve too!

It still sounds a bit much. What if I try it & don't like it?

We here 100%! That's why we recommend our 21 Day Kickstart Program. You get to test drive us before committing to anything that's more long-term. If after 21 days you believe that we're not the right fit, then you have no obligation to continue.

I'm not an athlete and I'm not in-shape. Is COVAL right for me?

The majority of folks that come into COVAL are in the same shoes as you! We've helped clients from all different backgrounds; ages, genders, medical conditions, athletes, former name it we've helped them.

If you would like to hear some stories of how we have helped awesome people like you, then check our reviews out on Google.

What happens if I'm in the middle of my membership and I need to travel for work or I want to go on vacation & I end up missing sessions as a result? Do I lose those sessions?

Absolutely not! We don't want you to be handcuffed by your membership here at COVAL. You should be able to live life and not have to stress over missing sessions. You simply let us know which dates you will be out-of-town and we will put your account on hold while you're gone.

What about if I'm injured and physically incapable of working out?

In this unfortunate situation, with a doctor note we would put your account on a "medical" hold. This would be indefinite until you're ready to come back.

Okay, seriously, I can't afford a membership. I want to do the Kickstart Program though. Is that okay?

Absolutely! In the event that you aren't able to continue due to finances, then we will do everything in our power to find you a facility after you're done with your Kickstart Program that fits your budget and your needs & goals. We never want to leave anybody hanging just because they can't afford to continue with us.

Not only that, but we have had some people come in that said they couldn't afford a membership in the beginning and then after the Kickstart Program they see the value in it and can justify the investment!

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